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Green products

With recent headlines in climate change, water quality, deforestation and other destructive factors, it's pretty clear that it's vital to begin aiming towards a solution of going green.

Wagner Rug and Flooring offers many gorgeous, Earth-friendly, or "green" products that can begin to benefit your efforts to diminish your carbon footprint and increase your home's style. We carry green flooring and fixtures that are crafted from reusable parts and responsibly acquired by-products.

Recycling is one of the easiest ways that customers can lower your carbon footprint on the Earth and help the environment. By making subtle changes, you can enjoy the benefits of recycling with our Earth-safe green flooring alternatives and fixtures.

We offer green carpeting formed with by-products like reusable plastic and other reusable materials, and hardwood flooring formed with recycled wood. Both of these products may be recycled more than once at the time they wear down at the end of their duration.

Wagner Rug and Flooring also carries green choices crafted with natural materials that are gathered safely. Bamboo and cork are both consistently growing, over-all renewable resources that can be gathered without destroying any parts of the plants. Both also have distinctive attributes that contribute to the uncommon theme of any home. Cork and bamboo may be utilized as a surrogate to hardwood and come in a range of beautiful styles and colors.
Green products in Westfield MA
Bamboo floors
  • Silky smooth and finer grained than traditional hardwood
  • 2.5 times dimensionally stable as a solid maple hardwood floor
  • 33% harder and more dent- resistant than white oak
  • Adds valuable LEED credits towards making your project green

Cork flooring
  • 100% renewable resource harvested as bark from living cork oak trees
  • 100% free of PVC’s and absolutely no formaldehyde glue or binders
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal
  • Adds valuable LEED credits towards making your project green

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