Wagner Rug and Flooring in Westfield, MA

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Luxury vinyl flooring

If you need to give your household the exemplary look and flourish of stone tile or hardwood at a more economical selling point, resilient vinyl flooring by Wagner Rug and Flooring of Westfield is for you. Accessible in a variety of shades, shapes, and patterns that can recreate more uneconomical products, or form a special and creative flourish, the interior fashion options that this style of flooring gives you are limitless. This functional plastic is ideal for frequently traveled spaces including foyers and halls, rooms where debris are normally a bother like bathrooms and kitchens, or any area that may benefit from a durable, sturdy floor covering.

Vinyl floors are said to be "long-lasting" for a reason; not only are they tough floors that call for hassle-free upkeep and care, their layered texture gives them a comfortable, flexible quality that is more stable than carpet and less cold than wood. These floors are can resist blemishes, won't fragment like tile or laminate flooring, and won't expand if exposed to humidity like hardwood. Vinyl can be installed above practically any other sort of flooring with ease, or installed over uneven subfloors.

The thick, rubbery material helps to quiet sounds between rooms, contrasting with the noticeable reverberation caused by ceramic and porcelain. It also offers an additional layer of insulation, which serves to cut down on heating expenses in the winter in addition to cooling in the summer. The maintenance required to keep vinyl well-tended is simple; periodically sweep away dust and dirt particles with a broom, and wipe away any wet spills with a dampened mop. Don’t pay a thought to waxing or shining.
Luxury vinyl tile in Westfield MA from Wagner Rug and Flooring
Distinctly different from linoleum, organic stone or hardwood, vinyl will hold its glow and shimmer without a requirement to be revamped. Everything you need to choose the vinyl flooring that is attuned with your decor and your daily needs, from decor counsel to efficient installation is offered to you at Wagner Rug and Flooring.

Advantages of vinyl:
  • Vinyl is a much easier and more affordable way to get your tile or wood look in your home
  • There are so many styles and patterns already combined to make it easier to decide what you like
  • The technology is improved so much that some vinyl is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and water resistant.

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